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What are the front-end device accessories of excavator used to do?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

There are many kinds of excavator front-end device accessories, and there are about 20 kinds of excavator accessories according to statistics. Then what are these excavator accessories used for and what kind of working conditions are suitable for?
Customers are a lot of half-knowledge!
Today for Volvo construction machinery accessories Xiaobian you explain some of the more common equipment, for reference:

Broken hammer: also known as hydraulic crushing device, according to the tonnage adaptation of the excavator, how big the excavator uses the hammer, otherwise it will show the phenomenon of a big horse car or a small horse cart, which is not beneficial to the excavator and the crushing hammer.
The crushing hammer is also called the gun head in the south. It is mainly used for mining ore and demolition of concrete. During the operation, pay attention not to play in the air, otherwise it will damage the oil seal and piston of the crushing hammer.

Oscillation ram: also called hydraulic ram or rammer, and on the basis of excavator tonnage adaptation, how old excavator with how much ram, in recent years leading to water conservancy slope protection and construction, highway and railway slope of a single small excavators with ram is used to strengthen tall buildings foundation, completely replace manual, power is greatly increased, save the capital construction, construction to the effect of artificial cannot cross.

Quick connector:
Also called quick connectors or rapid conversion connector, the equipment is not used for construction, but is designed to switch broken hammer (or other) and digging bucket, domestic labor capital greatly improve in recent years, more and more high to the requirement of the construction period, party a to save time is to save money, quick connector from Korea to China market after slowly recognized and widely accepted by domestic customers,
The average skilled operator does not take more than 30 seconds to switch gear, whereas in the past it took 40 to 60 minutes and more than two people to do it.

Excavator front-end device accessories

Also called split soil, this is based on drivers equipped with intrusive to decide the price, the greater the excavator use thicker and more wear resistant manganese steel plate, welding process, the more strict and normal manufacturer generally must demand welding flaw detection equipment, to ensure the quality of the factory, it first used fossil wind construction, working condition of layered use, digging bucket digging up effort, hammer broken up and a little spoils easily,
At this time, the soil looser will greatly improve the construction power. First, the soil layer or the wind fossil layer will be separated by the soil looser, and then the bucket loading will be changed with the fast connector, so as to greatly improve the construction efficiency.

Grab wood:
Also called clipping machine, it points grasp wood and mechanical hydraulic wood, hydraulic grab wood and grasp wood and stationary hydraulic rotary wood, wood grabber changes through the claws to planning and can be used to catch stone and scrap steel, the device will know what to name, leading to grab wood and bamboo, loading and unloading car is very agile and convenient,
The shopping mall is not very popular in China. It is mainly used to cut wood in winter in the three northeastern provinces and grab bamboo in Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places. After a single customer refits its claws, it is used to grab large stones and scrap steel, and there are many working conditions!
Now domestic ports use it more!

Hydraulic shears, hydraulic pliers, also called the device first used in the demolition of tall buildings, power is much higher than broken hammer, now most of the domestic product quality is not very stable, advocates of imported equipment and the after-sale service and spare parts cost is higher, kang excavator accessories manufacturers recommended resistance demolition condition is more, if you claim the choose and buy, or for using low-cost hammer.

Hydraulic rock drill:
Also called punching machine, first used in the mine tunnel construction, on the basis of excavator intrusive adaptation, have all the machine and the excavator adapted, modified capital is low, the diameter of the punch and depth depends on your excavator model directly, it is said that South Korea imports of 22 meters, to reach the most German can reach 55 meters, of course the price also does not poor, a drill pipe will need about ten thousand yuan!