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Volvo excavator accessories franchise store to tell you how to judge whether there is a problem with the cylinder

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The crawling of the cylinder rod of the excavator accessories is more common and more considerate for the excavator drivers. The work is finished at dusk. The direction of the big arm of the excavator did not stop well.
Volvo excavators accessories specializing in learned, in fact, each excavator factory, quantitative specification of the crawling index has surely, ambition in the most good no creep, and the actual production process, it is difficult to reach, and thus set upper and lower limits "norm", only when the "crawling" more than the upper and lower limit, can determine the drivers have a problem.
Of course, each manufacturer has the limit specification of each manufacturer, each is different, is the big arm, bucket cylinder rod is not the same.Professional Volvo excavator accessories small make up to understand that only when the "crawling capacity" exceeds the upper and lower limits, then the excavator can be determined to have a problem, and what is the cause of the problem?The reason of creep phenomenon is not only the reason of hydraulic cylinder, but also the reason of hydraulic cylinder itself.

Volvo excavator parts franchise

A, check whether the cylinder into the air:
1. If the oil is mixed with air and the air is sucked into the hydraulic pump, the inlet fault of the hydraulic pump can be cleaned first.
2. For the new hydraulic cylinder, the repaired hydraulic cylinder or the hydraulic cylinder whose shutdown time is too long, there will be air in the cylinder and the pipe.
It can exhaust through the discharge plug of the hydraulic cylinder. For the hydraulic cylinder without a special exhaust device, the inlet and outlet pipe joints at both ends of the hydraulic cylinder can be slightly loosened first, and the reciprocating operation can exhaust the hydraulic cylinder for several times.
If the oil leaking from the joint direction changes from white turbidity to clear, it means that the air has been cleaned and the pipe joint can be tightened from the beginning at this time.
For the hydraulic cylinder which is difficult to exhaust air with this method, the air can be discharged by loading exhaust and filling oil into the cylinder.
3, the cylinder will constitute negative pressure and easy to suck air from the piston rod, to pay attention to the rationality of the piston rod sealing planning.
4. After starting the machine, let the hydraulic cylinder run LOMIN at the maximum stroke and maximum speed to force the gas to discharge.
Volvo excavator parts franchise
Two, check whether the hydraulic cylinder is due to poor installation accuracy:
1, the installation quality of the hydraulic cylinder should be improved.
2, such as piston rod and piston different center check the two coaxiality;When the piston rod is zigzag, the piston rod is straightening the piston rod. The cooperation between the piston rod and the guide sleeve is the cooperation of H8/ F8. The sealing ring of the regular manufacturer should be strictly used according to the scale specification and quality specification.
3. Check whether the seal of the end cover of the hydraulic cylinder is too tight or too loose:
Adjust the sealing ring of the excavator fittings so that it is not tight or loose. The guide set is concentric to ensure that the piston rod can be moved back and forth by hand (or only by tapping with a hammer), and a layer of oil film is slightly hung on the piston rod.
4. Check whether the installation accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder is poor:
Such as load and piston rod connection point as close as possible to the sliding surface of the guide rail;Piston rod axis line and load center line to common;The touch length with the guide rail should be as long as possible;The connecting position of the load and the hydraulic cylinder should be based on the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, which does not make the load attack skewed;Guide better, machining accuracy and installation accuracy is better, and pay attention to smooth.
5, check whether the production and installation of the guide rail quality is poor, smooth poor, etc. :
It can be adopted to clean and dredge the guide rail smooth device, adjust the smooth pressure and smooth flow from the beginning, and apply a layer of anti-climbing oil (such as molybdenum disulfide smooth oil) between the relative moving surface of the guide rail, and scrape the guide rail moving pair from the beginning when necessary.