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What should the excavator pay attention to when the rainy season comes? How to maintain the excavator accessories?

2021-05-27 02:35:50

When doing outdoor work in summer, in addition to paying attention to heat prevention and cooling for yourself and the excavator, but also to deal with the possibility of thunderstorm weather, as well as the typhoon weather common in the summer in the coastal areas of fans.So when the rainy season comes, what should fans do to cope with it?
Safety first!Check the condition of the road
Rainy days, the quality of the road condition decreases, especially the dirt road of mines and construction sites. The heavy rain will wash the road into potholes, and the road will therefore become unusually wet and slippery. At this time, the excavator will become difficult to walk.When you meet this situation, fans must remember not to risk starting, safety is always the first priority

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2. The rain water is highly corrosive, so the cleaning work should be done well
In the event of heavy rain, if the important parts of the excavator are not cleaned in time, it is easy to lead to the accumulation of sludge at the gap on the lower side of the equipment.The chassis of excavator is the part closest to the ground, which is particularly seriously affected by the road conditions. Generally, this part is the most prone to rust and spots, and the wheel shell may even loosen and perforate.Therefore, it is necessary to do cleaning and antirust treatment on the excavator chassis in time.In addition, the acid in the rain has a strong corrosive effect on the paint surface of the excavator, and over time will cause damage to the paint surface of the excavator. Therefore, it is best to give the excavator a paint repair before the rainy season.The most basic and simple way of contouring is waxing, and the longer and more effective means of protection is to seal the glaze.In a word, putting on a "invisible" protective clothing for the excavator is one of the essential maintenance means in the rainy season
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3. Where is the safest place to park?
In the rainy season, the location of excavator parking is also particularly important.If conditions permit, the excavator can be parked in the garage, and try to avoid parking in the excessively wet environment.When choosing indoor storage, anti-rust operation is very important. If you park for a long time, you should also start the equipment once a month and drive it to charge the battery
Professional Volvo excavator accessories manufacturers believe that if the conditions do not allow, the need to park the excavator outdoors, first of all, the naked eye observation and judgment of the surrounding geographical environment is safe: far from the river or may produce landslides on the hillside;Under a tree is not a good place to park, it is easy to be struck by lightning in a thunderstorm, and if a tree is blown down on a digger in a windy day, it can cause great damage.Choose a place with a strong road to park, can stop on the concrete ground, asphalt is the best, the place where the excavator works generally has little cement road, most of which is in the field. In this case, long time parking should be chosen on the stable ground, try to avoid parking on the fill ground

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