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Xuzhou haowo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Mobile phone: 13347941602 (Manager Deng)
Telephone: 0516-85886786
Mail box: db@volvohvjx.com
Address: B03, Yongjia Science Park, Times Avenue, Quanshan Economic Development Zone, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Web site: en.volvoxz.com

Xuzhou Haowo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in Volvo Volvo excavator parts, Volvo Volvo loader parts, Volvo Volvo roller parts, Volvo Volvo wrangler parts, Volvo Volvo generator set parts, temporary SDLG excavator parts, Deutz engine parts sales.

Since the establishment of the company, relying on the close cooperation with major brand suppliers in China, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan, etc., to provide customers with high-quality accessories, to ensure that users in a shorter time to get more cost-effective accessories.

Company profile

We adhere to the integrity-based, adhering to the "quality, innovation, efficiency" of the core concept, so that we can become a customer recognized with professional skills and good comprehensive service capabilities of the brand company.

Haowo machinery with pure, high quality, excellent product characteristics, full inventory, sufficient supply of goods, reliable quality, low price and stable advantages quickly expand the sales network to all over the country, welcomed by the majority of users, and has established a long-term cooperation and supply relationship with a number of domestic large enterprises, construction units.So that the company in the procurement, sales, logistics and other processes are effectively controlled, in order to guarantee the long-term stability of product quality, reduce user losses, for users to create more economic benefits to lay a solid foundation.

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