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Do you know the maintenance skills of Volvo accessories?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Repair the deformation of the cylinder head of the mobilization machine
Volvo parts loader engine cylinder head due to long-term work in high temperature, high pressure, thermal load and alternating load and warping deformation, cylinder pad from the water port at the damage, resulting in the combustion chamber pressure drop, lack of flexible force and radiator water inlet out of the water.
The repair method is adopted, because the machine cover without combustion chamber concave, do not have to consider the change of combustion volume (the change value of combustion chamber volume should not be greater than 4% of the original volume), the cylinder head plane is processed by plane milling;A copper pad (the thickness of the copper pad is 1.2 times the thickness of the concave table of the water port) is installed at the junction of the cylinder head and the cylinder body, replacing the rubber sealing ring on the cylinder gasket, and then installing the cylinder cushion, and adopting the method of cold tightening after hot tightening to firm the cylinder head bolt.With this method to repair the mobilization machine, there has not been a failure of the cylinder pad.

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2, dry thin-walled cylinder liner emergency repair
Professional Volvo excavators accessories for work in the field for a long time, small make up think loader engine used in cooling water in ore material is more, and neglect of filter to protect the cooling system, engine crankcase produce cavitation in II cylinder place, at the same time make the thin wall cylinder liner were cavitation, rendering Φ 2 mm hole size, led to the crankcase oil pan into the water.The original cylinder liner is turned 180 degrees, and the cavitation of the crankshaft case is blocked with AB glue, and then the engine is reassembled, and the operation again shows that it works normally.Later in the work of management and maintenance staff are very important to the maintenance of cooling water filter.

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