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Volvo parts maintenance small method do you know?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

Volvo parts maintenance small method
1, salt water when the use of antifreeze
Wrong!Salt water does have some antifreeze function, but its fatal weakness is that it can not be anticorrosive, antirust, to be exact, it can not prevent cavitation. Professional Volvo excavator accessories think that when it is serious, it will even penetrate the cylinder and leak to the combustion chamber.
2, the use of vehicle antifreeze has the role of energy saving
Right!Because the specific heat of water solution of ethylene glycol engine coolant is less than that of water, it takes less time for the engine to reach a good working temperature than that of water, which is conducive to fuel atomization and improving engine thermal efficiency.
3. Add the same volume of water in the antifreeze, and the freezing point of the antifreeze will double
Wrong!Antifreeze with a very low freezing point can indeed be used with water, but the freezing point does not rise proportionately with the amount of water added, such as -45.
After half of the antifreeze is mixed with water, the freezing point is only -17.The left and right sides.Specific operation should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations.

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4, different grades of antifreeze mixed use
Wrong!Each brand of antifreeze has its own unique equilibrium corrosion inhibition system, once mixed, may destroy the corrosion inhibition system equilibrium and cause Volvo parts
5. The color of antifreeze has changed, indicating that it has failed
Right!Color change, indicating that the performance of antifreeze has changed greatly, should not be used again.
6. After adding antifreeze, the antifreeze will change color after only a few minutes, which proves that the quality of antifreeze is too poor.
Wrong!This is mainly caused by the corrosion pollution caused by the long-term cleaning of the water tank, which indicates that the special cleaning agent should be used to thoroughly clean the water tank.
7, winter driving use tap water to clean the vehicle windshield
Wrong!Tap water does not protect against freezing, nor does it effectively remove dirt and debris from the windshield. When the wiper is scraped, dirt that sticks to the glass and is difficult to remove can even scratch the glass.The correct approach is to choose high quality antifreeze glass water, wiper gently sweep, quickly solve the usually difficult windshield
To remove spots and smudges, give you clear vision.
8. Rashly add brake fluid on the road
Wrong!Because the brake fluid level is reduced, it is often caused by the leakage and damage of the hydraulic pipeline. When it is determined to be normally consumed, it can be added. Otherwise, it may cause brake failure.