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Excavator cycloid motor is what do you know?

2020-11-20 09:49:41

What is a cycloidal motor?How does it work?How to choose the right one?Today, excavator accessories experts give you a popular science solution.
1. Measure the displacement of motor
Professional Volvo excavator accessories Xiaobian thinks that because the displacement of the excavator accessories motor is the most difficult to detect, because the thickness of the stator of the cycloid motor and the size of the displacement are one-to-one corresponding, so the thickness of the stator can be measured to know the size of the motor displacement.The stator is usually in the middle of the motor.Because there are many types of cycloid motors, friends who do not know much about excavator accessories cycloid motors may be dizzy, so professional things to professional people to do it.
2. Determine the basic structural parameters of excavator accessories
Sometimes when my friends need repair parts, because of the motor with long time, the sign is lost, or some manufacturers in order to protect the intellectual property rights, deliberately not dozen signs, that how to order, you first need to will be removed from the device, motor and then to measure his connection size, including the size of the excavator accessories shaft, flange size and the size of the oil outlet.Shaft dimensions include shaft diameter, spline or single key, length dimensions, etc. Flange dimensions include bolt hole number, distance, stop size.The size of the oil hole is difficult to measure, measure the size of the inside diameter of the thread, and then convert to the standard thread size.
Two motors

Two motors

3, choose the correct connection size
First of all, you need to know that you are using the connection size of the motor, the displacement, this is must be clear, otherwise can't choose the cycloid motor, excavator accessories cycloid motor after years of development, has accumulated a lot of kinds of standard connection size, take our ZMS series, for instance, is only the size of the shaft has more than 20, a spline, flat key, and taper shaft.
4. Choose the right supplier
Excavator parts market mixed, some illegal vendors shoddy, leading to many machine friends deceived.