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What should we pay attention to when the hydraulic pipe joint of excavator fittings leaks oil?

2020-11-20 09:49:41

The phenomenon of oil leakage often occurs at the joint of the hydraulic pipe of the excavator parts. The professional Volvo excavator parts Xiaobian reminds the excavator master to pay attention to the following reasons.
Generally speaking, because of the crushing hammer of the excavator parts in the work, the hydraulic oil pump needs frequent impact to provide sufficient power for the drill rod of the bucket and the crushing hammer to carry out the production work.

Hydraulic pipe coupling

Reason 1: the strong vibration and the impact of hydraulic oil in the production work will lead to the loosening of the thread of the hydraulic pipe joint of the excavator accessories, leading to oil seepage, so it is necessary to regularly check the tightness of the pipe joint.
Reason 2: if the material of the hydraulic pipe joint of the excavator accessories is not up to standard in the production work, there will be seismic marks at the 60 degree or 74 degree connection seal, leading to oil leakage. At this time, the occlusive effect is not good, because the seal has been damaged.
Hydraulic pipe coupling
Reason 3: excavator parts of sealing ring and oil seal in the working time and environment under the influence of aging or damaged in oil leakage phenomenon, then you must want to change new, or at work or repair mission operations affect the work, make do with existing safety hidden trouble, because the temperature of hydraulic oil in the work can be very hot.
Reason 4: excavator oil fault phenomena may occur and the excavator machinist normally operate drivers have relations, so to avoid the happening of excavator parts leak failure phenomenon, excavator machinist in daily operation and use of drivers to use, according to the specified requirements and to do well the daily excavator maintenance, reducing the occurrence of excavator oil leakage fault.