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How to do the excavator original factory accessories caterpillar chain?

2020-11-20 09:49:09

For the excavator shuttling in the harsh environment, the caterpillar dechain can be said to be common.Catertracks entering soil or stones can lead to dechain.Today, the original accessories manufacturer of excavator and everyone to discuss the causes and solutions of crawler excavator often "chain drop".
Excavator track deviance, refers to the track from the guide wheel, support wheel, driving wheel and sprocket formed by the track, commonly known as "chain drop", this is the excavator driver and the owner are not willing to see the scene.
On the one hand, the driver needs to pay more attention when driving the excavator to turn. When the tracks are found to have preliminary signs of derailment, the tracks should be jacked up and idling.On the other hand, the track often deviates from the track, indicating that there is a problem with the chassis itself, requiring repair or replacement of excavator accessories.Let's talk about the causes and solutions of chain drop:
There are many reasons for crawler deviance of excavator, but they can be basically classified into three categories.
Because the four wheels are not in the same plane, resulting in track deviation.At this time, it means that the excavator needs to replace the guide wheel.

Excavator original accessories

2. The track is too loose, resulting in track transgression.
The tightness of the crawler is adjusted by pushing the guide wheel through the tensioning cylinder, which is pushed by the butter gun to beat the butter, so as to adjust the tightness of the crawler. However, in many cases, the crawler cannot adjust the tightness.
If the chainrail pin sleeve is worn out, the pin sleeve must be replaced at each section.Do not pass it seems that now very few people "press chain rail" will change pin cover, more is to change chain rail directly.
Three, because the chain plate wear, does not play a role, caused by the track transgression.
If you contrast excavator bulldozer chassis, you will find that some places are different, the bulldozer rarely make even track is very loose, it is because of bulldozer chain board from a block driver guide wheel turn, all the roller package, while only two excavators and small chain plate, a roller in the middle position,One is in the boot wheel position.
Once the chain plate of excavator accessories is worn, the chain rail is easy to slide to the chain plate, causing the track to deviate.This is when the chain guard plate needs to be repaired or replaced.
The method of crawler reloading
There is no hard and fast standard for the way to put the deviant tracks back. First of all, the chain spout should be removed and the butter released to let the tracks relax. Then, according to the situation, the excavator bucket and walking should be used to put the tracks back, so that the tracks that are prone to deviant are easier to put back.
If the track slides inward out of the track, the bucket can't reach the track, which requires a wire rope that pulls part of the track onto the guide wheel or drive wheel, and then rotates the drive wheel.
Just the operation is need to pay attention to is that the excess distance of the track relaxation should be more in the installation, it is easier to install.After the position of the guide wheel and the driving wheel is installed, the most part of the track is basically installed. The position of the supporting wheel can be installed by jacking up the idling track.
Sprocket parts can use bucket packed directly, if the bucket can't reach, and a method is that the track top up first, then find a proper stick, support the drag chain wheel position between the crawler and the ground, and then slowly put down the track, drag chain wheel position caterpillar will be jacked up, stick to packed deviant crawler.