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Do you know the doggerel of excavator accessories maintenance?

2020-11-20 09:49:41

The maintenance of excavator parts has been a commonplace problem. The maintenance of various parts is complex and difficult to remember. Today, Volvo construction machinery parts Xiaobian is summarized as follows in the form of doggerel:

If the excavator runs well, the daily maintenance is indispensable

Must be checked before starting, regular maintenance can not be less

Look at the oil before starting. The cooling water level needs to be high enough

The air filter element must not be blocked, otherwise the fuel will not point

Imported excavator accessories

Don't ignore the wire horn and see the hydraulic oil gauge

Bucket lubrication need to check, oil and water separation water drain

Take it easy. Idle for five minutes

100 hours to maintain, cylinder rod pin axis are found

Add oil such as rotary box, the oil tank discharge miscellaneous effect is high

The filter element should be replaced in 200 hours and the valve clearance should be ensured

A cycle of 500 hours, regular maintenance should be kept in mind

Five hundred head for transmission oil, after a thousand hours that is reliable

All kinds of filter element need to be replaced, gear lubrication is also important

1000 hours to check the supercharger, all firmware to take into account

The motor belt should not be loosened, and the core oil should be cleaned

Four thousand hours is very important. Pump check efficiency

5000 plus hydraulic oil, durable and efficient can not stop

If the equipment to holiday, do not forget to wash and dry

Careful maintenance, business revenue to a new high

Imported excavator accessories Xiaobian think that this form of entertainment, but also easy to understand, dig friends quickly begin to collect it!