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How to do excavator sprocket oil seepage?

2021-05-25 05:05:41

The four-wheel area is familiar to the drivers who deal with excavators every day. In general, the four-wheel area belongs to the wearing parts. If it is broken or worn, it can be directly replaced.
It is easy to replace, but the fear is that the sprocket is leaking oil. The oil leakage means that we need to find the fault point, and the process of troubleshooting is not simple. Sometimes, we even need to spend money for disassembly and inspection.

Excavator drag sprocket

Fault phenomena:
The phenomenon is very obvious and very single, the machine hand found that the sprocket is leaking oil (seepage of oil phenomenon) directly feedback to the machine owner.
Fault analysis:
Long time, long distance driving, the sprocket will appear oil leakage, this situation needs to be carefully observed and confirmed
Tow sprocket shaft wear, wear will have the problem of oil leakage, this is beyond doubt.
Tow sprocket oil seal aging, basically we can understand the common reason is the oil seal aging, which is also common in life.
Excavator drag sprocket
In order to make the fault inspection results accurate, so will be dismantled inspection maintenance.
1. Remove the supporting wheel from the X frame support, open the outer end cover, and separate the rotating wheel body from the internal stator;
2. Remove the floating oil seal, clean the corresponding positions of the wheel body and stator with the floating oil seal, and pay attention not to bring any oil trace;
3. Install a new floating oil seal, add butter, recombine the wheel body and stator, and install the end cover;
4. Put the repaired sprocket back into the frame and run it in the air for about 5 minutes to determine that there is no oil leakage.
The cause of the problem
After a detailed disassembly process, the cause of the failure is also very clear, because the sprocket internal floating oil seal damage caused.
This kind of problem is not accidental, users drive excavators for a long time, long distance walking or dust into the oil seal will lead to wear.
Warm Tips:
Professional Volvo excavator accessories manufacturers have learned that excavators are, after all, a giant composed of steel. Although the four-wheel area is not as expensive as the engine hydraulic pump, it can't be careless either!
So for a long time and a long distance walk, we should carefully observe the state of the excavator and whether there is abnormal wear and tear. In addition, the excavator's butter lubrication and cleaning operation can not be taken lightly!