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How should Volvo excavator engine maintenance be done?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

Engine oil maintenance must not be careless!This is often hung in the mouth of many maintenance personnel and after-sales personnel to remind everyone of the excavator boss, but many people will leave this advice behind, and do not have a deep understanding of the meaning of this sentence.Today, the small edition of excavator accessories will tell you why the engine oil maintenance must not be careless!
Volvo construction machinery parts manufacturers think that when the engine is usually used, the oil level and oil pressure must pay close attention to the excavator parts that can be observed by the naked eye, because basically there will be no big problems inside the engine.Volvo engine is a more widely used brand on excavators, so Xiaobian takes Volvo engine as an example to do a detailed explanation of the oil filling.

Excavator engine

When filling the oil, the oil should be gently poured into the excavator engine. A large amount of oil can not be poured into the engine at once, because the sudden pouring of oil will lead to the gas not being discharged in time, resulting in the increase of pressure.
Excavator engine
When starting the engine, the oil will be compressed by the piston. Because the oil is incompressible and is not good for diesel combustion, it will be very difficult to start. If forced to start, it will lead to the piston striking the valve mechanism frequently, resulting in the deformation of the connecting rod of excavator fittings and the lack of cylinder pressure.At the same time caused the engine to burn oil, the engine exhaust pipe emit blue smoke.
Having said so much, then the most accurate way of oil filling is how to operate?The correct oil filling method is: the use of funnel assistance, slow and small amount of addition, so that the air is discharged, there is no excess gas in the engine to top open the exhaust gas ventilation valve of the excavator accessories (connected to the lower exhaust pipe), so that the oil will not enter the combustion chamber.
Engine oil maintenance must not be careless!At the end of the article, the excavator accessories Xiaobian still want to nagging this sentence again!Also hope that each steel giant - excavator has a healthy engine heart, fresh blood!So the bosses must be duty-bound to treat it cautiously!