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What is the role of the intercooler in the excavator accessories? How to deal with the failure?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

As an important part of the turbocharger of the excavator accessories, the intercooler of the excavator is mainly used to reduce the pressurized air temperature, reduce the thermal load of the engine, and improve the intake of the engine, so as to improve the working efficiency of the excavator accessories.Most of the existing engineering machinery is equipped with turbocharger, so the role of the intercooler can not be underestimated.Intercooler failure will cause engine wear and tear, then what is an intercooler?How to deal with the failure?Volvo construction machinery accessories Xiaobian take you to have a look:
What is the role of the cooler in excavator accessories?
Answer: the intercooler is usually installed in the front of the engine, the appearance is square, upright, and radiator grow to have similar works wonderful.Because the intercooler is a supporting part of the turbocharger, its role is to improve the ventilation efficiency of the turbocharger engine, and the other is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine.

Intercooler of excavator

How does the intercooler work?
A: When the outside air enters the turbocharger, the temperature will rise greatly, and the air density will become smaller. At this time, the intercooler of the excavator accessories will play the role of cooling air. The high temperature air will be cooled by the intercooler and then enter the engine, so as to ensure the operation of the engine in a normal temperature environment.
Intercooler of excavator
If the lack of intercooler cooling, so that the pressurized high temperature air directly into the engine, the engine will knock or even damage the excavator parts because of the high intake temperature, the use of well-designed intercooler can get an additional 5%-10% of power.
What will happen when the intercooler fails?
A: Through the above introduction of the working principle of the intercooler of excavator accessories, it is not difficult to conclude that, without special circumstances, if the intercooler is abnormal, the engine will generally cause the following failure phenomena.
1. Engine wear, power decreased or insufficient, increased fuel consumption.
2. The air leak of the intercooler or hose of the excavator accessories causes the engine to emit slight black smoke, hold back the car, and emit blue smoke after serious.
3. Blockage of intercooler leads to poor air cooling, which leads to abnormal high temperature of engine.
How to handle the failure?
Answer: When the engine wear, lack of power, increase in fuel consumption and other faults occur, it is necessary to first check whether the connecting part of the intake pipe of the excavator fittings and the intercooler is loose, and whether the intercooler has air leakage.
When there is black smoke from the engine and the phenomenon of holding back the car, check whether the hose connecting the intercooler is blocked.
Once the engine is high temperature, first of all, it is necessary to check whether the outside of the intercooler of the excavator accessories is blocked by debris, and the high temperature caused by the poor heat dissipation of the intercooler.If there is too much mud in the intercooler, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid serious engine power decline and wear.
The importance of the intercooler has been understood, as the medium of engines and turbochargers, its role is really not to be ignored.Digging friends should also pay attention to maintenance on weekdays, because it will affect the working state of the whole excavator once it "loses its temper".Today's introduction of excavator accessories is here. Thank you for your sharing!