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Excavator cant rotate properly?Check it like this

2020-11-20 09:50:18

What should I do if the excavator cannot rotate?Yesterday, Volvo construction machinery parts Xiaobian received a message from a digging friend, and excavator parts Xiaobian also organized some elimination methods without a stop, and summed up the 10 reasons:
1. Check the pressure sensor of the excavator accessories, which is located beside the rotating spool of the multi-way valve. If there is any damage, it is suggested to replace it directly.

Excavator fittings

2. Keep the excavator rotating full stroke and high throttle state, and measure whether the rotating pilot pressure is at 3.0MPa. If not, it is necessary to check whether the excavator accessories pilot valve spool is worn or damaged.
3. Check whether the rotating pressure sensor and the rotating P/B solenoid valve are normal.
4. Check whether there are impurities in the cover (short) and throttle hole of the shuttle valve spool to prevent the reversal valve, and whether there are abnormal wear and tear in the cover (long) of the shuttle, which need to be cleaned or replaced.
Excavator fittings
5. Confirming whether the pressure of P2 pump high pressure sensor is 10.0~ 15.0m in the rotation of full stroke & action.
6. Check whether the current value and secondary pressure of P2 unloading proportional valve and P2 pump proportional valve of excavator accessories are normal.
7. Check whether the current value and secondary pressure of the direct entry proportional valve are normal.When the throttle has nothing to do with the neutral/operation and the throttle is high, confirm whether the secondary pressure of the straight entry proportional valve is below 0.8Mpa by doing the rotation action alone.If not, it is necessary to replace the proportional valve of the excavator fittings.
8. Check whether the walking straight into the valve spool and the rotating valve spool itself is worn and whether the spring is broken.
9. In the case of full stroke and overflow, check whether the pressure of the rotary relief valve is 3M.
10. Put part of gear oil from the oil outlet of rotary reducer to check whether there is metal powder.Check whether the excavator accessories inside the rotating motor are worn and whether the gear surface of the reducer is abnormal worn and notched.