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What is high pressure common rail in excavator?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

The consequences of the excavator high pressure common rail in the excavator accessories are very serious. The common failure is black smoke from the exhaust pipe, engine flameout, and abnormal pressure can even cause the high-pressure oil pipe to burst!What is the cause of such terrible consequences?Professional Volvo excavator accessories Xiaobian take you to understand what is the origin of this high pressure common rail.
Working principle of high pressure common rail

High pressure common rail of excavator

Used for feeding back high pressure diesel pressure signal in common rail chamber to ECU of excavator parts.Because the high pressure common rail is high pressure injection, the injection pressure is more than 10 times higher than the general direct injection engine.The ECU will monitor the diesel pressure in the common rail chamber in real time, and make judgment according to the feedback pressure signal and other feedback signals, and send out instruction signals to the control units such as the excavator accessories injector solenoid valve, EGR solenoid valve and SCV valve.
High pressure common rail of excavator
Fault performance of high pressure common rail of excavator accessories
1. The diesel pressure is too high, and the high-pressure oil pipe is easy to explode.
2. Black smoke coming from the engine.
3. Engine stalling or even unable to start.
4. When the excavator is under load, the rotational speed is off, the idle speed is unstable, and the vibration is abnormal.