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How should excavator big arm crack solve?

2021-05-24 09:13:51

Excavator after years of use and wear, it can be said that failures occur from time to time.Today, Volvo excavator accessories manufacturers and everyone to discuss how to deal with excavator arm cracking.Because the large and small arms of the excavator crack, and then cause the broken arm of the excavator master has been common, because once the fault occurs, it basically declares that the excavator must stop, so the excavator master will pay special attention to the daily construction.
If you want the excavator's right-hand man to keep in good condition, it must be repaired in time before the most serious failure occurs. So today, the excavator parts manufacturers mainly introduce the clever ways to repair the cracking of the big and small arms!

Volvo excavator accessories

Notes for Repair
Before welding, the welding place must be clean and clean without other impurities.The original cracked part of the excavator will be cleared away. If the external construction conditions are available, the grinding machine or other grinding tools will be selected to clean up.
The preheating work of welding must be done properly, not carelessly.If conditions permit, it is best to preheat the welding position to 100 degrees.
When choosing welding materials, be sure to choose the most appropriate, can not be mixed.According to the composition of the selection of electrode is certainly no problem, if you do not know the original material, you need to take a little scrap iron test can be, in general, vo engineering machinery parts of the electrode enough to meet your requirements.
Welding work must not be careless, welding, welding thoroughly is the most basic requirements.When welding, we should pay attention to check the cooling degree with a hammer. Some excavators have large gaps at the cracking place of the big and small arms. You can also choose to add a lining board.
Volvo excavator accessories
The welding procedure
Here, the long arm excavator parts manufacturer first mentions that many old drivers or maintenance personnel have unique welding operation techniques. Today, the long arm excavator parts manufacturer introduces the welding method that is applicable in most cases.
Step 1. At the place where the big arm of the excavator is broken, about 18-20cm of the left and right parts need to be cut off. The specific value depends on the situation.
Step 2. After the first step is completed, the lining plate should be put on the field. Welding the lining plate under the broken cover plate and cracks of the big arm, and pay attention to make the whole welding process as smooth as possible without bubbles.
Step 3. Next, we will select a piece of steel plate for welding according to the size of the side plate cut in the first step. Pay attention to cutting in strict accordance with the size, and the lining plate should be played inside the side plate, and the lining plate should be longer than the sealed side plate.
Step 4. After the above steps are completed, 80% of the whole welding process is basically completed. Next, we just need to seal the bottom cover plate.
Step 5, after the aforesaid steps are completed completely, check without omission or unstable place, can undertake final burnish, fill be bored with the finish such as the paint on the child.
Why the lining board?
Both the unique means of maintenance personnel and the general effective methods introduced by the excavator accessories manufacturer are inseparable from the lining board, because the lining board is of low technical content, simple and easy to operate, and the effect is good.
Although the repair work after the big and small arm cracking is not very high on the technical content, but it is extremely test of everyone's care and patience, every small detail is handled well, will greatly reduce the chance of cracking again!