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Do you know the ten reasons for the crankshaft fracture of excavator fittings?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

The piston of the excavator fittings is broken and forced to work
Professional Volvo excavator accessories Xiaobian thinks that if the power output is found to decline and the cylinder body has abnormal sound, continue to work.The piston is likely to break, unbalance the crankshaft, easily deform or break.
2. Early oil supply time
The oil supply time is too early, before the piston does not reach the dead point, the diesel fuel will burn, will make the crankshaft by great impact and load, long-term such construction, will make the crankshaft fatigue and fracture.

Excavator crankshaft

3. The work of each cylinder is unbalanced
Excavator accessories have one or more cylinders do not work, the cylinder work imbalance, piston and connecting rod group weight deviation is too large, will also cause the crankshaft uneven force fracture.
4. Flywheel loose
If the flywheel bolt of the excavator parts is loose, the crankshaft parts will lose the original balance and shake in the operation of the excavator, which is easy to break the end of the crankshaft.
Excavator crankshaft
5. The clearance between the crankshaft parts is too large
If the gap between the journal of the excavator crankshaft and the bearing bush is too large, the crankshaft will impact the bearing bush after the excavator runs, resulting in the burning of the tile and the shaft, and the crankshaft is damaged.
6, poor lubrication
If the oil pump of the excavator parts is seriously worn, the oil supply is insufficient, the oil pressure is not enough, the engine lubricating oil channel is not smooth, so that the crankshaft and the bearing bush are in a friction state for a long time, leading to the crankshaft fracture.
7. The spindle tile is not coaxial
When installing the crankshaft, if the center line of each spindle tile on the cylinder block is not the same as the shaft, after the excavator starts, it is easy to burn the tile and hold the shaft accident, which causes the crankshaft fracture of the excavator accessories.
8. Frequent emergency braking
Such as the operation of excavator, often do not step on the clutch pedal on the violent emergency brake, will cause crankshaft fracture.
9. Improper operation
In the process of excavator operation, the throttle is too large/too small, big or small, or long time high load operation, the crankshaft will be damaged due to excessive force, impact, resulting in fracture.
10. Poor crankshaft quality
Such as the crankshaft of excavator accessories is not the original factory, the quality is poor, and the high-speed operation of excavator is easy to cause the crankshaft fracture.