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Do you know what role the rotary table in the excavator accessories plays?

2020-11-20 09:50:18

The excavator turntable of the excavator accessories mainly plays the role of rotary support. It plays an important role in the daily operation. Due to the bad working environment of the excavator or improper operation, the turntable will cause a series of failures, such as aggravation of wear, abnormal sound, total replacement of oil seal and so on.When these problems are encountered, the first thing to do is to open the cover plate next to the big arm installation seat, observe the amount of butter in the big gear ring, and the wear of the gear ring.Because of the high maintenance cost of the excavator parts and the complex replacement process, the professional Volvo excavator parts Xiaobian suggests that digging friends do a good job of daily maintenance work.

Excavator turntable

1, avoid the impact of hard objects
Hard stones or debris fall into the large gear ring of excavator accessories, which is easy to cause wear and gap of gear ring.
2. Reduce ramp action
The large gear ring often rotates on the slope, and the force is uneven, and the unilateral wear is serious, resulting in falling off.
Excavator turntable
3, avoid long time water operation
Such as working in rivers, mud and other places with more water, rotating the large turntable for a long time to soak in the water, the iron on the ring gear of excavator accessories is easy to fall off, which will eventually lead to abnormal noise of rotation, and even lead to the ring gear can not work normally.
4. Classic cars
For a long time, the dustproof sealing ring of excavator accessories is easy to age and wear. In case of rain, rain will penetrate into the big gear ring through the gap, causing water on the rotary table and affecting the service life of the gear ring.
5. Lack of lubricating oil
Rotating the big gear ring butter lubrication is not in place, will aggravate the wear ring gear.The butter nozzle at the bearing of the rotary motor reducer is generally added once every 500 hours. The butter can stop filling when it overflows from the overflow valve of the excavator accessories.If too much butter is injected, the oil seal will be damaged and the butter will leak. At this time, the oil seal should be replaced in time.